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January 2020




3 Diana Mohler

3 Nathan & Kathy Kirkley

5 Greg Kirk

5 Roy Davis

5 James & Donna Page

10 Theresa Wheelis

Pray for these pastor-less churches

New Hope      


Duck Creek    





CCSBA Financial Status

Oct. 01, 2019 – Sept. 30, 2020

Budget to date

$  30,736.08             

Contributions received

$  27,084.75



Books for Spiritual Growth

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Focus on BSU

  The Monday BSU Lunch needs your help.

The lunch we provide is an outstanding opportunity for us to meet and start relationships with the students of TRC.  Often the short conversations started over lunch lead to great witnessing opportunities.  Below are the dates we need help with the meals.  If you can help provide the meal for that day, please call Sandy at the office.

January 27th

February 3, 10, 17, and 24

March 2, 16, 23, 30

April 6, 20, 27

May 4

Minister’s Breakfast

January 11, 2020          8:30 AM

If you’re in ministry – Pastor or Staff – we want you to join us for breakfast at the BSU on January 11th.  This will be an informal time where each person will experience fellowship, encouragement, and uplifting support.  Coffee will be ready by 7:30 if you want to come early.


Come as you are and enjoy.




Calendar for January & February

January 1 CCSBA Offices Closed

January 19 Sanctity of Human Life Sunday

February 9 Racial Reconciliation Sunday

February 10-16 Focus on WMU

February 15 Children’s Missions Day



   Some of you remember that we went and did some prayer walking for Living Hope Church in Green River, WY.  They wrote to express their thanks for all the prayers which have been offered for the church.  They said that they’ve been averaging around 115 each Sunday, and that over 160 people came to the Christmas Eve service. 

“It is so exciting to now see that building which was once dead, full and alive with people worshiping God and growing in Him.  So, thank you, all of you that have prayed and given to see a church planted and the light shining in our community.”  Rondie and Melody


Monthly Church Prayer Focus

Leora Baptist Church

Qulin First

Calvary Baptist Church, Dexter      Danny Collins, Pastor

Balck River Baptist Church      Nathan Aubuchon, Pastor                                                                      

Plan for 2020

Just imagine sitting next to the warming fireplace on the evening of December 31, 2020 and experiencing a great sense of accomplishment as you think about all the things you were able to achieve during the year.  These achievements will not have happened by chance.  They will be the result of much planning and hard work.  Before planning for the future, one must take a serious look in four directions.

Look Up

There are many things on our lists which we want to achieve.  Some of them revolve around normal life activities – like painting the house, getting more exercise, or growing a nice garden.  Others will be things which truly make a difference for the kingdom of God – like prayer, evangelism, and discipleship.  We need to diligent in making both lists, but when it comes to impacting our world for the glory of Christ – it’s best to “Look Up” first.  “Look Up” refers to seeking God’s will: His direction, His perspective, His plan.  Jesus said, “But seek first the kingdom of God and His righteousness… .”  The question is: What does God want to see happen in and through your life during 2020?  Take a day, or a few days, prayerfully reading through Galatians, Ephesians, or Philippians and I’m sure you’ll begin to see God’s answer.

Look Back

As we look back we see how God has been at work in our life and community.  We’ll also better understand why God has brought some things to pass and has been patient about other things. As we look back we’ll see what was started, finished, left undone, and what turned out well or not.  Through looking back God will help us see what may be necessary for moving forward.

Look Side-to-Side

Looking to the left and the right, we’ll hopefully see where and how God is working around us.  That’s important, because God may be leading us to get involved in one of those areas – or to start something different from what’s currently being done.  Jesus said that we’re to “love your neighbor as yourself”, and that will not happen if we’re wearing blinders that keep us from seeing from God’s perspective. 

Look Forward

Now we’re getting to the main point – moving forward.  We’ve been reading Scripture, the Holy Spirit has been speaking to our heart, there’s been a lite evaluation of the recent past, and we’re becoming more aware of what’s happening around us – now we go back to that question: What does God want to see happen in and through your life during 2020?  


Brainstorm - prepare your list, and it doesn’t matter how many items are on it. 

Pray – ask God to give you His perspective on each item.

Prioritize – ask God to help you arrange each item according to His desired plan for you and others.

Pick – the top 1 or 2 items to make your primary targets for 2020. 

Plan – begin to formulate a plan which will help you achieve your target.  Make a good plan, with good goals, and keep working through it to achieve your target. 

“Where there is no vision, the people perish” Prov. 29:18   Without a plan, you’ll not achieve all you could. 


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